• Innovative Products for Islamic Personal Financing
  • Innovative Products for Islamic Liquidity Management Instruments


  • For paper submission in Arabic, please use Traditional  Arabic, 16 point font, 1.5 spacing and 1-inch margin on the left and right of the page.
  • For paper submission in English, please use Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 spacing and 1-inch margin on the left and right of the page.
  • The title page should clearly state:
    • Title of the paper
    • The keywords related to the paper (3-5 keywords)
    • Name of the author(s)
    • Department(s) and affiliation(s)
    • Mailing address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Fax number
    • The corresponding author(s) if different from the lead author.
  • The first page should include the title of the paper and the abstract.
  • Author(s) should provide brief biodata, including full name, professional designation, organization, academic qualifications, contact details and field of expertise.
  • Paper should focus only on innovative products in either Islamic personal financing or liquidity management which have not been produced or modification of existing products.
  • Paper should discuss the nature of the contract employed in the new product and its Shari’ah justification.
  • Main characteristics, features and execution processes of the product should be expounded.
  • Paper should highlight the nature of risk, Shar’iah and legal issues as well as operational and technical issues involved.
  • Participants should observe and adhere to conditions of the paper submission.
  • Please submit the full paper in MS-Word. Diagrams and charts should be submitted in MS-Word or Excel. However, other formats will be considered accordingly.
  • Footnotes should be used when necessary and must be identified in the text by consecutive numbers.
  • References to other publications must be in the APA Style and carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency.


  • Submission of full paper (please follow the Paper Submission Guidelines) by
    15th September 2017 corresponding to 24th Dhul Hijjah 1438H.
  • Papers should be submitted to the following e-mail addresses: ;
  • Notification of paper acceptance:
    2nd October 2017 corresponding to 11th Muharram 1439H.


The paper accepted for presentation during 12th International Shari’ah Scholars Forum| ISSF2017 will be entitled to the following:
♦ Economic Class Ticket
♦ Accommodation (one day before the conference and one day after)
Honorarium will be given to the best three (3) papers as follows:
a) 1st Paper : USD 1,500.00
b) 2nd Paper : USD 1,000.00
c) 3rd Paper : USD 750.00